"We must learn to live together as brothers, or we are going to perish together as fools.”


Now is the time for us to come together in our communities.

Check the unity map to find a group in your area.

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What are Unity Groups?

The Unity Map is “Never Again is Now” in action! These quick response teams in local communities live out the mission to boldly stand, speak and act as one for self-evident truths. Each group is different, responding to its city’s needs in real time. That may mean speaking up at school board meetings, volunteering, or responding in love as the citizens in Charleston did when tragedy struck their city. When you join a group you become part of a national network of bold and courageous leaders standing for truth.

Check the Unity map to find a group in your area and join by emailing the group leader or clicking on their information page to get connected. If there is not a group in your area consider becoming a group leader.

Answer the 5 Questions listed below and email them to Unitygroups@glennbeck.com.

Information Needed to Add your group to the Unity Map:
1. Leader’s Name (Your Name)
2. Group Name (Unity Group Dallas or Labor of Love Dallas or 9/12 Dallas)
3. Email (The email you provide will be displayed on the Unity Map as the group contact)
4. Zip Code
5. URL (Provide us a link to your groups page ex. Facebook or Meet-Up.)

Click here to download some ideas to help get you started!

We are here to help connect you to others in your community through the Unity Map weather its a 9/12 group, Labor of Love group, Unity Group - or mixture of them all! We believe that when we come together to stand, speak and act as one for self-evident truth we will change the world.

9/12 Groups
9/12 groups were started in 2009 right on the cusp of the tea party movement's birth. Centered around preserving the founding principles that have made America great - 9/12 groups have been hard at work for 7 years providing a voice of political common sense in communities all over America. If your looking for a group to help fight for constitutional principles and values in your area - check to see if there is a 9/12 group near you on the map.

Labor of Love Groups
Labor of Love began in 2011 when a group of strangers traveled to Israel for Restoring Courage, and decided that their journey to stand with courage and love had just begun. Now more than 700 people strong, Labor of Love people connect on community service ‘vacations’ to serve individuals in cities around the country and practice living like people determined to be free. Connect with Labor of Love coordinators near you or watch the video at www.lolusa.net to learn more.

Unity Groups
Unity Groups were announced in Birmingham Alabama the summer of 2015. Over 30,000 of us came together in a unity march through the streets of Birmingham to stand up for the importance of life and declare that Never Again is Now. We are the first responders in our communities - to love, to serve, to stand and ultimately to unite. As initiatives are created such as the Nazarene Fund, BlueLives Matter, or Take a Walk to engage your church - Unity groups all over the country will carry these out to bring about hope and unity.

Unity Groups will serve as a catalysts for change in our communities. This is a movement of Ones. It will not be a leader or a policy that changes our nation - it will be us. One by one leading in our communities together. We will stand, speak and act as one for self-evident truths. Now is the time. Let’s do it together.